General Information

The Mercer Island Community Fund (MICF) is a 501(c)3 organization.  The MICF considers applications from organizations to support programs that benefit the Mercer Island community in the following categories: (a) Arts and Culture, (b) Environment and Conservation, (c) Community Development, (d) Recreation, (e) Social Service, and (f) Health within the meaning and limitations of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended.  Priority for funding will be granted to programs that serve the needs of the Mercer Island community at large. Grants are not made for religious purposes, political purposes, or to projects that discriminate against any protected class as defined in RCW 49.60.180.

 Applications for grants must be submitted by February 15 to be considered for the April award distribution date.  Grants generally range from $500-$5500. The Grants Committee and the Board of Directors meet annually in March to consider grants applications. Grants submitted after February 15 will require special Board approval for funding.

Grants from the Fund may be used to match or supplement other grants, and the Fund will consider supplemental funding to established organizations for special projects not funded by other sources. Initial funding assistance for new organizations and projects will also be considered.

The MICF bylaws require that the recipient acknowledge a grant with a receipt and written account of the how the funds were expended, including an evaluation or measurement of the impact of the grant.   A written financial and progress report must be made semi-annually until the grant is expended.  Renewal of funding is contingent upon progress and final reports for each grant period.


  • Funds must be used for the purpose stated in the applications. Any changes in the scope of the project must be approved by the Fund. Grantees are required to complete the MICF budget form as part of their application.

  • Recognition of the Fund’s grant must be made in all advertising and publicity related to the activity for which the grant was made, and must be displayed or announced during the program event.

  • If for any reason the funded project does not proceed within the stipulated time limit, all funds must be returned to the Mercer Island Community Fund.

  • A written comprehensive report on the funded activity must be submitted to the Fund within thirty (30) days of the completion of the project. Grantees are required to complete the Financial Final Report Form with their written report.


Applications can either be submitted through email, following the Application Outline.

Please use the following forms to complete the application. 

Request for Proposal - 2019

Budget Form

Grantee Final Report Form